The Heritage Town of West Bengal Citizen Centric Municipal Office Uttarpara Town at bank of ganges Municipal Hospital services for citizen Communicable through railway network Uttarpara Rajbari now a state level hospital Park and playground for amusement of children Park at the bank of ganges Uttarpara at opposite bank of Dakshineswar tample

The Heritage Town

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Uttarpara originated in 1704 almost simultaneously when Kolkata came to the surface in 1690. and since then both Kolkata and Uttarpara started moving creepily into the urban world and with the coming up of Uttarpara Municipality in 1853, urban developmental programme were being launched to cater to the needs of the citizens. Meanwhile, rural areas started getting urbanized to have the facilities of urban life. An instance with us is the merging of the Makhla and Bhadrakali Panchayat areas with Uttarpara Municipality. Urbanization also brings in its trail proliferation. Kotrung - a neighboring Municipality got added to Uttarpara. Thus the original Uttarpara Municipality got proliferated with additions of Kotrung Municipality and Makhla Bhadrakali Panchayat areas ...

Citizen Centric Service

Image 1 Citizen CharterObjective of the exercise to issue the Citizen's Charter of an organisation is to improve the quality of public services.
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Image 3 Geographical information System Locate every entity of Municipal Jusrisdiction with details information. Like property to industry and all public utilities
Image 4 Citizen's Complaint & Suggestion Citizen can make their complaint and own suggestion through this portal keep touch with Municipal authority
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